After a few years at kidrobot I was given the opportunity to design my own Dunny for production.  This was a dream come true, but it came with a catch.  Everything, from figure to packaging had to be done in one week along with all of my other work.  I jumped on it and came up with a figure that I am still proud of to this day.  I used symbols from money and basic capitalist imagery on the figure and the package
Tools used:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Promotional photo for the kidrobot website.

Cash Wolf in the original colorway.

The back view shows a modified nickel as well as decorative motifs from bills and coins.

The Billionaire Blue colorway.

Billionaire Blue back view.

The packaging came out great.  Sturdy with foil, fine-line details, and flourishes from US currency as well.

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