At Kidrobot, Frank Kozik proposed a Labbit series inspired by insects. After researching various insects, I noticed they were mostly brown... To create a more appealing and vibrant collection, I selected insects with bright colors and features that could be enhanced further for cuteness. By simplifying features and color patterns, I developed a cohesive set of adorable bug friends. These figures are small, measuring 1.5" in length, making them portable for carrying in your pocket. Packaging was handled by Michael Ly, who pushed the Labbit form in his illustrations. Photos were shared on social media and
Tools Used:  Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop
Labbit Insect Kingdom mini series  - Available now at!

The Black Widow, the only glossy figure in the set, shown with packaging by Michael Ly.

Red Ant - SideView

Wasp and Fruit Fly

Gold Beetle, Monarch Butterfly and Green Caterpillar

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