This is a BIG gallery of toy concept art from my time at Kidrobot.  Enjoy!
Spongebob RockPants band concept 
Spongebob RockPants band concept 
Oswald figure concept for Disney
Transformers vs GI Joe concepts
DC Keychain Concepts
Stylized Care-A-Lot for Hasbro
Adventure Time 4ft figure concepts
Dunkin' Donuts "Munchkin" concepts
Godzilla Figure sketches for Toho
My Little Pony mini figure Concept
My Little Pony "Dress to Impress" concepts for Hasbro
Itchy and Scratchy figure set Concept art
Itchy and Scratchy figure set Concept art
Bust for Andy Warhol Foundation

Warhol vs Basquiat 
Bob's Burgers mini-figure concept
Bob's Burgers medium figure concept
Venture Brothers figure concept for Adult Swim
Rick and Morty Slippery Stair medium figure concept
Mr. Pickles on throne medium figure concept
Gashadokuro Dunny concept for Kidrobot
Pennywise vinyl/plush concept sketch
Spongebob "Shellebration" concepts

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