Here are some concepts that didn't warrant their own page of information.  They show my thought processes and ideation skills as well as some fond memories.
Spongebob RockPants band concept  - I loved this concept of Mr. Krabs.  Unfortunately, we received a cease-and-desist from a certain rock band known for their heavy black-and-white make-up.
The lineup that would never be.  Squidward on bass clarinet is the GOAT.
Concepts for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Disney.  They were unused but I like these drawings.
My GI Joe vs Transformers concepts.  I LOVED these and had so much fun designing alongside Scioli's crazy artwork.  They were ultimately sculpted poorly at the factory in China and the figures were a disappointment to me, particularly the human characters. Oh, Well. 
Keychains for DC.  My goal was to fit the characters onto one buff body type.  Robin just cracks me up - and you should have seen Wonder Woman.  We never produced these, but I did end up using a body like this for a wrestling series later that year.

A stylized set for Hasbro's Care Bears and their home of Care-A-Lot

Some fun concepts for a 4ft Finn and Jake foam figure.  I took some from the show and made some up myself.  They ultimately went for the middle-left pose which is more standard.
I concepted these figures for Dunkin' Donuts.  The idea was that the heads were donut holes that could be popped out and switched with other characters.  Fun idea, but the partnership with DD and kidrobot didn't materialize.
Needed to design a Godzilla figure whose parts could be swapped out and replaced so that the various forms of Godzilla could be represented on one body.  I just happened to like this sketch in particular.
Probably the last thing I designed for kidrobot.  I thought the bust would be a nice contrast for Warhol since it's sort of an old-fashioned form and he's obviously known for being all about what's new and flashy.  This combined with patterned based on his work ended up being an intriguing object.  I saw one recently, they simplified it, removed the base, but I think it still worked.  

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in the Invisible Boatmobile.   I was pushing for an ABS boat, but I liked the final product regardless. 

Quick concept for Pennywise.  The idea was to make a plush with a vinyl face. 

Spongebob "Shellebration" concepts

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