Concepts for The Simpson's most violent cartoon characters.  These were drawn at kidrobot for a medium 2-figure set.  We ultimately chose the bottom design with the heart and newspaper.
Tools Used: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator. 

This was my personal favorite.  The "liquid" would be clear plastic in order to add the illusion of water to the surface below the figure.

The Barbershop scene!  I liked this concept, but it contained too many separate parts to produce economically.

This one was fun, but not as easy to read as others.  Itchy has replaced Scratchy's eyes with cherry bombs.  Without the context of the original cartoon it's difficult to tell what's going on.

This became the figure.  It worked out well because the joke works even in a static state.  News Flash! You need a heart to live! Ha! 

I went on to design the toy and the TV Set package.

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