I designed this toy for Spongebob's 20th Anniversary "Shellebration"  Nickelodeon wanted a new take on the Spongebob toy and further wanted to incorporate rainbow colors as part of the 20th anniversary theme of "Imagination".  After drawing many concepts I decided on a contemporary art/streetwear feel which consisted of minimal use of color and a deconstructed interpretation of Spongebob's form.  The figure was wildly successful at launch and beyond; it even led to the creation of other clear Spongebob characters.  
Tools used: Zbrush, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Spongebob in clear abs with a foam sponge inside.  Side note: I love Spongebob.  

A closer look at his construction

Figure in packaging.

Rainbow Edition!  Thrilled with how this came out.

Rainbow glitter sponge colorway!  

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