Medium figure or Warner Bros. Pinky and the Brain.  I took a more on-model approach in contrast to the stylized mini-figures.  The figure was ambitious for design and production.  I worked with the factory overseas to assist and direct in assembly and support.  The tail was adjusted to be used as a cantilever support, making the pose and the figures feel alive.
Tools Used:  Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Front view of the figure.  The tongue and arm/blueprint were molded as separate pieces.

Promo gif by kidrobot's Social Media Dept.

Web slide showing the figure with mini-figures and pins.

The paint section of the tech pack for this figure.  The tech pack was very complex and detailed.

Paint section of the Brain figure from the tech pack.

Official concept document shown to the licensor and factory.

The figure packaged in its final form.  I designed the package structure and used elements provided by Warner Bros.

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